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Sopel, 13 Dec 2012
Base colour version of our theme xand is also updated and ready to work. We remind that versions with other colours will be not supported... Read more.
Our the newest theme is also updated and already done to work with phpBB3.0.11 version. Please download it from our database and use with your... Read more.
Version for phpBB3 of this style, like the others is now updated for phpBB 3.0.11. We really recommend to update your theme on your discussion board.
In the fact, that new phpBB is out and it has a 3.0.11 number we announce that we are going to put all updated themes... Read more.

Update of xand

Sopel, 01 Aug 2012
The last theme with that update series is xand, based on subSilver scheme. That theme is now updated to 3.0.10 version and as before, we... Read more.
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